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Doverhurst Data Ltd

How sure are you that the quality of your latest software is good enough to take your Company to where it wants to be for the foreseeable future?
Talk to one of our consultants about software quality and how best to ensure it is right.

Do you realise that if you want to save money, then cutting down on resources used to test your systems is not necessarily a good idea?
Explore the theory behind this in a 6 page article that says An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure .

An extended text of 24 pages giving A Short history of the cost per defect metric from 2012, demonstrates how the cost per defect metric is invalid when used with todays complex systems. It concludes that "Software quality does have value, and the value increases as application sizes get bigger. In fact, without excellence in quality control even completing a large software application is highly unlikely. Completing it on time and within budget in the absence of excellent quality control is essentially impossible".

Do you know how much testing is enough testing?
Our consultants can help identify testing requirements to fit your project timescales and budget.

Are you aware of the escalation that happens to error costs throughout the project lifecycle?
Nasa has done research on this, the abstract from the report can be found here .

It is not generally understood by management that there is a spiralling cost of rework for defects - A NIST report (The Economic Impacts of Inadequate Infrastructure for Software Testing, May 2002, National Institute of Standards and Technology) states that the cost to repair a defect found in an operational system is between 470 - 880 times the cost to repair the defect more than if it is found at the start of the lifecycle when requirements are being formulated. This is a 309 page report and will be of interest to people who really want to get into the technicalities of the topic. This is confirmed in an article in Computer Weekly - Economics of Software Testing .

How confident are you that your out-sourcing arrangements are providing you with the best rate of return on your investment?
Our consultants can give advice on the things to look out for, to help make informed decisions on the future of your systems.

Look no further, Doverhurst Data Ltd can supply a consultant to solve your project management, test management and system testing issues.

The staff at Doverhurst Data Ltd have a passion for quality and know from experience how much testing is enough. WE are so CONFIDENT in our skills - talk to us about testing your system for FREE!

Would you like a simple website to gain a presence on the internet, Doverhurst Data Ltd can allocate server space, develop a website, ensure it gets on the main search engines and maintain it for a small annual fee.